What to Expect

Here’s a preview of what you can expect at your session with me, and some tips to help you plan for your session. Remember, if you have any questions at all, just ask.  I want you to have the very best portraits and photography experience.

I like to have a quick consult and questionnaire that helps me create the best session for each client.  A retainer is required to book your appointment.  This is payable online with a card.  This will be credited towards your portrait purchase, unless you no-show-no-call for a non-emergency situation.  I only accept one appointment a day, so if you don’t show up, I can’t get that time back, or book another client in your place.  The retainer is usually half of your package price, or $99 if you plan to order portraits a la carte after your session.  If you are purchasing a package, the remainder of your package amount is due at the time of your session.

I will be ready to go when we meet.  If you have any questions, please let me know before our session together, so we can plan accordingly.  I will have a model release and copyright notice for you to sign.  These are a friendly reminder that state I retain the copyright and may use the images captured for advertising and business promotion.  I will never sell an image for commercial use without my client’s permission.  If you have any reservations about me posting things online, please let me know before our session, and we can work out the details.

I will have your proofs available in 7-10 days after our session.  You may view them online and we can meet in person to order.  If you want to order printed portraits, are unsure about what options are available, sizes, and etc. it’s usually easier to just meet in person, so I’d be happy to come to your home with my computer and samples to help you with your order.  After your online gallery is posted, it will be available for 10 days for you to view and order online.  If you don’t get your order placed within 10 days, I will plan to meet with you at your home to order.  If you want more online time, you can purchase two weeks at a time for $50.


This is a big one.  More important than outfits, props, and even the location is making sure everyone has had a proper meal before your session.  In order to capture the best lighting, most outdoor sessions will be right around meal times, so plan to eat BEFORE your session.  Please leave any snacks in the car, or save them for a little reward for after your session.  A break for nursing babies during the session is totally fine.  Snacking toddlers will want to eat the whole time, get fussy if you take snacks away, and nobody looks their best photographed while they are eating or holding a sippy cup, right?  Husbands are also happier for photos when their belly isn’t growling.

After a brief meet and greet, we’ll get down to business, so please come dressed and ready. I don’t limit outfit changes, but if you plan an outfit change, try to plan changing things simply.  This can be done by layering, or by swapping tops/bottoms only.  Outfit changes can eat up a lot of time, which means less daylight for capturing your photos. If you don’t have plans for an outfit change, you may bring an extra change of clothes just in case there’s a messy accident.

If you bring along one extra friends to help, you’ll be grateful.  A friendly face who will not be photographed can be a big help with small children or pets.  Keep guests to a minimum though, because small children can get easily distracted and overwhelmed if they have too many people all at once clapping, shouting out their name, and telling them to say, “cheese.”